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Plastomat Robust PP-5000 is a torch-bonding, 5 mm thick, heavy duty waterproofing sheet membrane that consists of an extremely robust non-woven polyester reinforcement, coated on both sides with modified bitumen compound. The upper and lower surface are covered with polyethylene film and are also available in a variety of finishes for both covered and exposed applications.

Plastomat Robust PP-5000 is a heavy duty waterproofing membrane that has excellent properties of plasticity, flexibility and high mechanical strength.

It is deal for special applications where high tear and puncture resistance is required. Plastomat Robust PP-5000 is designed to withstand exceptionally high dynamic movements in structures. It is an ideal waterproofing membrane for industrial and all demanding waterproofing applications.


Plastomat Robust PP-5000 membrane is designed for waterproofing concrete and masonry structures. Application includes waterproofing of slope and flat roofs, pre-fabricated concrete decks, anti-earthquake foundations, reservoirs and retaining wall etc.


  • Exceptional high temperature resistance.
  • High flexibility at low temperatures.
  • High crack bridging capability.
  • Robust construction and high mechanical strength.
  • Excellent barrier against water and dampness.
  • Excellent elongation and recovery properties.
  • Unaffected by corrosive ground water salts.
  • Full time advisory services to assist designers and specifiers.
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